Textured Ceiling Removal

Textured Ceiling RemovalTextured ceilings, often known as “popcorn ceilings” or “acoustic ceilings” were popular in new homes built in the 1990’s to 2010.
Now, many people are asking for a smooth finish on the ceiling.  Cleaning off the popcorn ceiling can be a messy job for the do-it-yourselfer.  And because textured finishes were often used to hide blemishes in the underlying drywall, some additional preparation work may be necessary to get the smooth finish you really want.

Paint The Ceiling The Proper Way

Not only can we help you avoid the wet mess usually associated with textured ceiling removal, but we can also minimized the dust you might encounter on drywall repairs because of our “dustless drywall system.” Our dustless drywall device captures the dust that is normally a part of any drywall repair.  By the taking the time and expense of using this procedure, we help you avoid the messy clean-up that most people dread when getting any kind of drywall work.

Ceiling Color Matters

White is not just white when it comes to ceiling paint.  We add an enhancing agent that gives body and life and helps hide flaws within any ceiling.  Let us do that for you. Call us at 1-256-694-6291.