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Nature's Spring painting

Spring Painting Time is on the way.

Springtime is a time for getting out and enjoying the ideal weather.  It is also a time to paint our homes.  Sometimes we paint our homes to make us feel good, usually a color change to fit our personalities.  The main reason we paint is we see signs like flaky paint, rotted wood, faded paint, mildew, etc.  These are signs of a need to paint.

Your home is a great investment and it cannot maintain itself.  If it is time to paint, don’t put it off.  It can be costly.  You can minimize or maximize the cost in choosing the time to paint.  It is important to get a contractor you feel comfortable with.  Always check references, licenses and insurance.  This is always required to get the job done right.

Exterior painting always requires pressure washing to get the surface prepared.  It also requires any prep work to achieve a goal of a turnkey paint job or a brand new look.  Prep, caulking, scraping, painting and repairing any rotted wood that needs replacing are the first in line to be done.

Next, the choice of paint and paint colors are the most important decisions to achieve the best results.  Contractor grade paint is what a lot of contractors use.  This paint job will reflect a 4 year paint job.  Their Premium paints are set up with a total different goal in mind, 8 years plus.  The Premium paints have things like mildew additives and UV protection, and it delivers outstanding adhesion and resistance to crack and peel less often, saving money and reducing the causes of why we paint.  Always consider a pressure wash on your home every 4 years to bring back the luster of your paint job.  It also takes away mildew and dirt and makes your home look great.

Spring is also a great time to do Interior painting as well as spring cleanup.  It is a perfect opportunity to do empty out closets, vacuum behind the couch or just clean behind the refrigerator.  Most of all it is an opportunity to get your home upgraded with New Colors (new paint).  Flat paint is not scrubbable, but others like eggshell, satin, and semi-gloss can be scrubbed.  If the paint cannot be wiped off, this reflects flat paint.  If you have kids, wipeable paints are a must.

When choosing a contractor, and the whos and whys of a paint job, it is a must to know how long a contractor has been in business and what are his or her references.

Whether to hire a particular contractor begins with the proper license and insurance by the city and state.  Does the cost make you feel good?.  If a price seems so low that it is too good to believe, BEWARE.  If a price makes you feel uncomfortable because it is too high, it probably reflects a company taking advantage of you.  The middle of the road contractor’s prices are a good rule of thumb to follow.  Nothing good comes cheap, but we do not want to be giving our money away either.  Please research your contractor. If it feels good and the price is reasonable, this should be a contractor to consider for your work.

So Happy Easter and have a good Spring.  If you live in Huntsville, Madison, Decatur or the surrounding areas, keep us in mind.

Always keep your homes painted inside and outside to protect your investment.