The Pros-Painting are dedicated to serving you.

The Pros-Painting

The Pros-Painting

The Pros have been serving Huntsville and Madison, Alabama residents for over 20 years.
Roy Sealy and the people that work with him are dedicated to providing you with a high quality experience when your home needs:

  • Painting
  • Carpentry
  • Pressure Washing
  • Drywall or other repairs
  • Fence Staining
  • Textured Popcorn Removal

Check back from time to time because we want to make you aware of discoveries that we make at the home improvement shows or learn about from our vendors.

Interior painting services and painting technology improve every year and we make it a point to pay attention.

Ten Questions to Ask a Huntsville or Madison Paint Contractor

  1. Are you licensed?
  2. Are you insured?
  3. Does your insurance cover my property and not just you?
  4. Can you give me a list of former clients that I can contact?
  5. How may other jobs are you working on?
  6. Do you clean up the site daily?
  7. Who is the supervisor that I will need to speak with on a daily basis?
  8. Can I get an estimate in writing on cost and time to completion?
  9. What if I need additional carpentry repairs? Can you provide them?
  10. What grade of paint do you use?

Call us at 256-694-6291 to discuss your project.

If you are an experienced painter or carpenter, please call us to see if we have a place for you.