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We know painting tips and techniques that can make your room soft and sedate or dazzling and brilliant.
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Think About Colors and Then Test Them

Computer monitors are a poor place to make the final choice of the colors your want to use. They vary from one machine to the next and can be artificially calibrated towards certain hues. So, before you buy the paint, get a real sample and a color chip from your paint supplier.

But, before you do all that, use our on-line paint sample display to get a feel for how certain color families with others.

Madison Alabama Paint Color SamplesTry our color sample area.


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Roy Sealy

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We often visit your home the same day you call.  Why wait weeks?

Madison, Alabama Painting Contractors

We Serve Madison, Huntsville, Decatur, Athens, Monrovia and other areas.

For years The Pros has been one of the most trusted painting contractor companies in Huntsville, Madison, Athens and Decatur.
Each year clients send their friends and family to us because our work is consistent and high quality.

Will You Show Up on Time?

We will call youNo one can make absolute promises about schedules because of the weather, traffic or unforeseeable situations.
But, it is rare that we are not on time on the day scheduled. And you can be sure that if there is a problem, we will notify you and make adjustments that work around your schedule.

Are You Going To Get Dust All Over My House?

Our workers are meticulous when it comes to keeping your home clean.  We use a dustless drywall system, when drywall repairs are needed. We cover all work areas and clean up when the work is finished.

What if I Want Something Special, Like Oil Based Paint?

We understand painting and paints.  Our focus is on giving your the look you want, not getting the job done in the shortest amount of time.  Special painting treatments, such as oil based paints, ceiling popcorn removal or wood staining are all part of our profession. We will charge you a fair rate for specialty work and make sure it is done right.

Can You Pressure Wash the House Before Painting It?

Pressure WashingYes, we actually recommend it.

Simply put, you don’t paint over dirt. The paint will look funny and not last as long.
The real secret to a quality painting experience is in the prep-work.

How Far Will You Travel?

Our general service area includes Huntsville, Madison, Athens and Decatur, Alabama.  But we have clients in Gurley, Estillfork and a number of smaller communities.  So don’t assume your job is too small or too far away.  If we can’t do it we will tell you and suggest a solution.

Don't Be Shy

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Madison, Alabama Paint Contractors

Don’t let our Huntsville address on the map fool you. Madison, Alabama is our second home.

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