The Pros-Painting only uses top Quality Paints

The Paint You Choose Matters

Discussions about interior paint colors inevitably touch on the idea of cheap paint. Cheap paint has been around since Tom Sawyer convinced Huck to whitewash the fence.  It never satisfies the need.

You can buy paints that will seem adequate when first used.  But over time they dull, become chalky or come off the first time you clean a stray pencil mark.

We use top quality paints

Occasionally clients request a custom paint and we honor their requests. We also use top brands such as PPG, Sherman-Williams and others. Use the color selection utility below to find the paint that works for you.

PPG PaintsBecause we know how important the quality of the paint applied is to your ultimate satisfaction, some of the paints we use are from PPG Paints.

They apply better, keep their color consistency and stand up to real life in your home.

How to Pick the Right Interior Paint Colors

Picking the right paint color can be a real challenge.  People perceive colors differently. PPG’s Color Visualizer offers a convenient way for you to see what particular colors look like on their color samples page. Since computer monitors can vary, be sure to confirm your color choice with us.

You can also see ALL the colors available here.

Browse Paint Colors

Colors Can Range From Sedate to Brilliant

We can help you find colors that work with your style.